Solstad inks contract with Repsol
Thursday, Mar 16, 2017
Solstad Offshore ASA (SOFF) has entered into a contract with REPSOL SINOPEC RESOURCES UK LTD for hire of the CSV “Normand Jarstein” for a period of 90 days firm with further 60 days options.

“Normand Jarstein” (previously named, Rem Pioneer) will commence her contract end of April 2017.

Since the beginning in 1964, Solstad Offshore has grown to become a global company.

The Solstad Offshore (SOFF) fleet consists of about 61 fully owned/jointly owned vessels.

The activities of Solstad Offshore are aimed towards the offshore petroleum industry, subdivided into 3 segments of the market:

  • Platform supply-vessels (PSV)
  • Anchor-handling-vessels (AHTS)
  • Construction service-vessels (CSV)
  • Non Oil and Gas (Strategy)
  • 20% of the Solstad fleet shall be in Non Oil and Gas related work, where 5-10% of the fleet in the renewables/wind market.

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