Hallin-sponsored BBAUV team secures prize at International RoboSub 2014
Tuesday, Jan 06, 2015
Hallin Marine, a Superior Energy Services company, is pleased to announce that the Hallin-sponsored BumbleBee Autonomous Underwater Vehicle has achieved fifth place out of 39 contesting teams at 17th Annual International RoboSub 2014. The six-day event commenced on July 29 and was held at the SSC Pacific TRANSDEC, a 6 million gallon man-made pool in San Diego, California.

“We came first in the Singapore AUV Challenge earlier this year and are delighted to be among the five prize-winners in San Diego,” comments team leader Thomas Ng. “The contestants were predominantly from the event’s home country and also attracted entries from Canada, China, Egypt, Iceland, India, Japan, the Russian Federation, Sweden, Thailand, Turkey, USA, with our group representing Singapore. Qualifying runs took place over the first three days, followed by semi-finals on days four and five, and then the finals in the afternoon of Sunday August 3. A team from Cornell University won the $10,000 first prize. All the competitors were students united by the common goal of advancing the design of intervention-type AUVs.”

Organised by the AUVSI Foundation (www.auvsifoundation.org) and co-sponsored by the US Office of Naval Research, the RoboSub competition was created to advance the development of autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) by challenging a new generation of engineers to perform realistic missions in an underwater environment. The event also serves to foster ties between young engineers and the organisations developing AUV technologies.

RoboSub is an important key to keeping young engineers excited about careers in science, technology, engineering, and math and has been tremendously successful in recruiting students into the high-tech field of maritime robotics.

For more information, please visit : http://www.hallinmarine.com

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